How to Pay Medical Bills

Most people are familiar with car or home insurance: You pay a premium, and you get coverage for accidents and injuries. However, many people are unaware of a device included in most policies called medical payment coverage. Medical payment coverage can help you pay your medical bills.

Medical payment coverage, often referred to as “med-pay”, is a type of coverage that pays medical bills from accidents and injuries. For instance, a homeowner’s policy with med-pay would have coverage for many accidents and injuries occurring in or around the home. The same is true of an auto policy for car accidents. As long as the injury is tied to the type of policy – homeowner’s, renter’s, auto – the medical bills are probably covered.

Here’s the important thing about med-pay: it doesn’t matter whose fault the accident is. Just ask the Mississippi Supreme Court, who said this in Prince v. Lousiville Mun. School District: “Under med-pay provisions the insurer is considered directly liable to the third party claimant; payment is not dependent on negligence.”

So now a pop quiz. I was recently at a restaurant getting dinner. In conversation, my waiter mentioned that he had fallen the previous week and injured his back. He told me he was at his friend’s apartment and went outside to his car. There was a staircase leading downstairs, and when he reached the last step, his foot slipped. He fell straight onto his back. He went to the emergency room and got treatment and medications for his minor injuries. The waiter told me the steps were in good condition, that it was not rainy or icy, and that the accident was his fault.

Question: Is the waiter stuck with the medical bills?

The answer requires a little more information than we have here. But you should be seeing the point. Many insurance policies have provisions for medical payment coverage. The problem is that most people simply don’t realize it. If you get injured in a car accident or fall on someone’s property, be sure to ask about med-pay. You don’t have to blame anyone – or sue anyone. You simply get help paying medical bills under the policy.

As always, if you’ve been injured in a car accident or a fall on someone’s property, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

–  Tyler