Mississippi Upholds Civil Rights | Part One

Kim Collins is an affable, middle-aged woman from northeastern Mississippi. She is a deputy clerk at a small town’s municipal court, has no history of criminal activity, and carries herself respectfully and with a pleasant demeanor.

In January of 2013, Kim was stopped for speeding in Monroe County by Mississippi State Highway Patrol Trooper Matthew Hood. After the speeding ticket was issued, Trooper Hood told Ms. Collins to have a nice day and that any concerns she had could be dealt with in court. Trooper Hood turned from Ms. Collins’s vehicle and walked to his patrol car. When he got to his door, Trooper Hood alleges that Ms. Collins yelled at him, calling him a “racist motherf—-r.” Kim wholly denies saying this; however, Kim admits that she told him she was going to contact his superior. As soon as Trooper Hood got to his car, he turned and yelled to Kim that she had better drive off. Immediately after telling her to drive off, Trooper Hood ordered Kim to stop her vehicle.

Trooper Hood stormed toward Kim’s car and ordered her to exit the vehicle. Instead of exiting the vehicle, Kim asked what she had done wrong. After a while, Trooper Hood told Kim he was arresting her for disorderly conduct. Trooper Hood eventually grabbed Kim and jerked her out of the car. When she was standing outside the car, she held her hands into the air to resist arrest. Trooper Hood continued to attempt to place handcuffs on Kim, and she continued to resist. Eventually, after several moments of struggle, Trooper Hood attempted to grab Kim and sling her onto the ground. He was successful. The dash cam footage, which is embedded at the bottom of this post, shows a violent maneuver that culminates with Kim screaming in agony. Trooper Hood’s attempt to force Kim onto the ground resulted in the tearing of multiple ligaments in her knee. Trooper Hood called for backup and for an ambulance, and Kim was transported, under police supervision, to a local hospital for treatment.

Kim later found out that her charges consisted of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, public profanity, and disturbing the peace. When Kim came to Starling Law, she had a pending court date and a hope that we could do something to help. Click here to find out exactly how we fought for Kim and won.

– Tyler